Listening To God

One facet of staying awake is being present enough to what is happening so that we can hear what God is saying to us. In the gospels, the phrase “Let anyone with ears to hear listen!” is repeated by Jesus multiple times (Mk 4:9, Mk 4:23, Mt 11:15, Mt 13:9, Lk 14:35). This phrase always… Continue reading Listening To God

Savoring Our Moments

Savoring is a specific practice I’m cultivating in my Lenten journey to stay awake and present. Very often, our days become routine – we do the same things repeatedly and even think the same way. This makes time appear to pass very quickly. Savoring is a way to break out of the dullness of too… Continue reading Savoring Our Moments

Prayer for A Perfect (Ordinary) Day

After being away for a week, I’m now home again and into my regular routine. Instead of seeing sunrise over the ocean, my morning walk now provides a view of sunrise over traffic. So much of life consists of normal, ordinary days that speed by as frantically as cars on their morning commute. Here’s a morning prayer for days like these.