Lent Wrap-Up

Lent is now over and we’re in the extended season of Easter. Here’s a final thought along with a review of the topics I’ve written about during Lent.

Darkness Into Light

Each year, the celebration of Easter reminds us of the triumph of light over darkness, of good over evil. On Holy Saturday, the Church keeps watch, marking the passage of Christ’s death to life and celebrating the resurrection. The common metaphor of light representing goodness (or enlightenment) and darkness representing evil (or ignorance) is powerful… Continue reading Darkness Into Light

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Once we get good at listening to God, the next step in staying awake is trusting what we hear.

Listening To God

One facet of staying awake is being present enough to what is happening so that we can hear what God is saying to us. In the gospels, the phrase “Let anyone with ears to hear listen!” is repeated by Jesus multiple times (Mk 4:9, Mk 4:23, Mt 11:15, Mt 13:9, Lk 14:35). This phrase always… Continue reading Listening To God

Savoring Our Moments

Savoring is a specific practice I’m cultivating in my Lenten journey to stay awake and present. Very often, our days become routine – we do the same things repeatedly and even think the same way. This makes time appear to pass very quickly. Savoring is a way to break out of the dullness of too… Continue reading Savoring Our Moments

Staying Awake During Lent

The liturgical season of Lent begins next week. In the Catholic Church, Lent consists of forty days stretching from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday (the start of the Triduum, which culminates in Easter Sunday). This season is based on the forty days that Jesus spent fasting and praying in the desert, preparing for the start… Continue reading Staying Awake During Lent