About Me

Welcome to Falling Up After 50. I’m Cathy, a self-reflective, goal driven introvert now navigating life after a successful career in software development. I retired from high-tech shortly after turning 50, and now my focus is on building a meaningful second half of life.

Faced with a new abundance of time to explore what matters most to me, my first priority was to explore a part of life I had neglected for decades – my spirituality. I wanted a real relationship with God; something that would sustain me through the inevitable hard times and help me be joyful during the ordinary times that I often take for granted. Still relying on an analytical approach to everything, I became a student again and earned my Masters degree in Theological Studies from the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. After getting a wonderful education but still feeling like there is so much still to learn, I’ve realized that its impossible to know God through an academic approach alone. So now I’m trying to put all the pieces together in my head, and integrate that academic knowledge together with my lived experience.

The title of my blog is inspired by Father Richard Rohr’s book “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.” I read this shortly after retiring and it has been a key influence on my journey.

My posts help me reflect on my journey through the second half of life. I’m learning that what once worked well for me may no longer serve me, so it’s an ongoing challenge to change some of the habits and mindsets that once made me happy. I hope these reflections are useful for you as you navigate your own personal journey.