Advent Week 4 – December 20, 2022

The Wisdom of Advent – Learning to Wait

Week 4: Peace.

We constantly hear the message that our life is ours to control. With enough planning and effort, we can make things happen according to our plan. We’re not supposed to let life just happen. But when we’re waiting, we’re in an in-between time when we have limited control. We have to let life unfold.

If we don’t see this, and we keep rushing to find answers and make progress toward what we want, we may be missing things we need to learn. In our impatience and need to have things proceed according to our schedule, we might miss some subtle messages or pointers towards people/places/things that can help us.

  • Are you open to answers other than what you expect to find?
  • Are you taking the time to be quiet to hear these messages?

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