Advent Week 2 – December 10, 2022

The Wisdom of Advent – Learning to Wait

Week 2: Love.

A Prayer for Waiting in Love

Often I try to be self-sufficient, to rely only on myself to meet my needs. But sometimes, this isn’t enough. When I’m frustrated and worn down from waiting, hearing my thoughts over and over makes everything more obscure. I get to the point where I’m not sure what I believe or what I should do to move forward.

At these times help me realize that I need support and wisdom from others who I trust. I need an objective perspective. Someone to offer alternative ideas. Someone to keep me company while I wait. Someone to point out where God is already at work in my life. Someone to help me discern whether I need to be patient and continue to wait, or whether God is waiting for me to take the next step or ask for precisely what I want.

Allow me to see that needing support from others isn’t a weakness but a gift of being in a community.

Help me believe and feel Your divine love and know it is there whenever I reach for You. Let me appreciate the wonder of Jesus, born in a manger. Help me maintain that wonder as I get caught up attempting to create a perfect Christmas celebration this year.

Remind me to schedule time in a busy season for the activities that make me feel loved and allow me to extend my love to others.


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