Prayer for A Perfect (Ordinary) Day

Thank you for this perfect, precious, totally ordinary day. Although I usually don’t even think about ordinary days, I realize that most of my life consists of these days. What I do, think, and feel during these days matters, so I want to stay attentive to the world You’ve created.

After so many hot summer days, I appreciate waking up to the cool October air. There’s a sparkle from the dresser, where a bit of light catches the rhinestone frame holding a favorite photo from our wedding. And although my mind has already started planning my day, the picture reminds me that another day with my husband is never guaranteed, and I shouldn’t take this blessing for granted.

Even though I feel rushed in the morning, remind me to take the time to pray. It really does improve my mood and get me centered to meet the day.

Help me remember to balance my day between structure and graced possibility. I have plans for what I want to accomplish, but I also realize that much of my day is outside my control. When I start to stress about how much I’m getting done, help me slow down and keep it all in perspective. Let my eyes stay open to the possibility of being surprised by grace.

A brief exchange that creates a connection with a stranger. Noticing a late-season monarch butterfly fluttering by the hanging flowers as I walk out the back door. Getting a compliment from a friend. Don’t let me be so consumed by my plan for the day that I miss these unexpected moments which can elevate the day from ordinary to extraordinary.

I tend to listen to the never-ending cascade of thoughts in my head and forget that You have also blessed me with a body. Most days, this miraculously designed body functions without any conscious effort on my part. But I know there will come a day when I will no longer be able to do the things I now take for granted. So, please help me be aware of my five senses as I go about the day.

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?

Rachel Carson

Don’t let me miss the clicking of the dog’s nails on the wood floor and the jingling of her tags against her collar as she follows me down the stairs and into the kitchen. Let me savor the aroma of my coffee instead of rushing to drink it. When I take the first sip, let me appreciate the touch of bitterness balanced by the splash of slightly sweet cream. Help me notice and appreciate when the heat comes on – the creaking of the radiator as it expands with the heat, the slight smell of the heat radiating into the room, and the way my body relaxes a bit at the added warmth.

Let me look and really see, with the eyes of a stranger, the face of my friend I’m meeting for coffee. Let me listen attentively to what she is saying and empathize with what she is feeling.

Rather than feeling inconvenienced when the dog needs a walk, help me appreciate the opportunity to take a break and get outside. Don’t let me ignore the warm October sun on my face while also feeling the touch of the approaching colder weather in the breeze.

Thank you, God, for this precious, ordinary day. Amen.


  1. Boy, you have the words that encourage me to “wake up and smell the roses.” I definitely need to read this each day. I nearly always start rushing as soon as my feet hit the cold floor each morning. I do tend to savor breakfast, but usually have a time limit before the first event of the day. Being able to not set an alarm clock is pure pleasure, often foiled by an early wake-up. I have many people and things for which to be thankful, but that daily calendar is all-consuming most of the time. I am in awe of your thoughts and words and being able to express them so well that others look to you for inspiration and unexpected moments of Grace.
    Mama Mia


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